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There are many reasons why your hair is falling...

Stress, genes or chemical can cause your hair to fall off faster than you like. Mild hair loss can be treated with any drugstore treatments, but if you are experiencing hair loss for a prolonged period of time, seek treatment here at Gui Ren Tang.

How we can help

Hair Specialist Providing Hair Growth Treatment

Hair Growth Treatment

Pattern Hair Loss, Distinct Patches Hair Loss, Hormonal Imbalance Hair Loss, Receding Hairline, Chemical-Caused Hair Loss

  • Repair Deficient Cells in Hair Follicle Tissues
  • Rejuvenate Blood Circulation to Prevent Dormant & Irreversible Dead Follicles
  • Replenish 100% Phyto-Nutrients to Stimulate Re-growth and Stablise Growth Cycle
  • Therapeutic Meridian & Magnetic Remedy for Hair Re-growth, Reduce Further Hair Loss and to Regain its Healthy State

Botanicals Solutions

Customized Treatment Program

Zen Environment

Testimony: Results speak for itself!

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