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Gui Ren Tang @ Holland Village

Located in the central region of Singapore, our outlet at Holland Shopping Centre provides a warm and cozy environment to help you feel relaxed while you get your hair and scalp treated.
Shampooing area for holland Village branch

Holland Village HQ

Interior Of Salon For Holland Village

Enjoy a relaxing hair treatment

Embracing you with warm and cozy lighting, we want to create a homely feel as you enter our salon. Treatment rooms are situated deeper in the salon, with dim lights to provide you a zen environment, while you lie on your back and get pampered by our therapist. *Rumour says that customers tend to fall asleep during the treatment.* With comfortable chairs in the common area, you will be served with tea and massages after the treatment. 

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3 Steps to Healthy Hair


Analyse your scalp

Trichologist Tailoring hair scalp treatment plan for customer

With a 100x microscope, our technology enables us to zoom into your scalp issues. Our consultant will then tailor a treatment program to combat your hair problems. 


Enjoy your treatment

Woman Enjoying her herbal hair treatment session

Snuggled in our warm blankets and spa-like beds, lie back and enjoy your treatment while our therapists get to work. We won’t mind that you fall asleep, just try not to snore. 


Feel rejuvenated

Customer Enjoying her hair care treatment Session

All our treatments end with our customers sipping on warm refreshing tea and enjoying an additional session of head and shoulder massage. 

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