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With a passion for herbs, our founder, Zhai Yuan Kai seek for an all natural solution to treat white hair for his wife who was heavily pregnant at the time. Not wanting his wife or his unborn child to have any negative effects from chemicals, he decided to travel around China to research for the most valuable herbs that could treat white hair and other hair related problems. Zhai Yuan Kai spent 13 years perfecting his Chinese herbal formula “Fa Yuan Tang”. His successor, Zhai Jia Liang took his formula to the next step by working alongside with Hong Kong Hair Science Institute and Hong Kong Investment Pte Ltd to further develop the formula to improve its efficacy. This current formula is what we are using till date.     


In 2023, Botaniq Gui Ren Tang is humbled and proud to be recognised and receiving this award.from SWAS

The SWAS Excellence Star Awards (SESA) recognises businesses and their founders for the dedication and contributions made towards development, growth and excellence in the Wellness industry.

The ultimate objective is to enhance business and management excellence in the fast changing Consumer market.

Interior of Hair Treatment Centre

Our Treatment

In Gui Ren Tang, we aim to provide all rounded treatments for all hair related problems.
Most common hair and scalp disorders we see are white hair, dandruff and itchy scalp, hair loss, and damaged hair. All these hair and scalp conditions can be improved by our 100% Pure Premium Chinese Medicinal Herb essence.
SWAS Excellence Star Award
SWAS Excellence Star Award
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